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Conflict & Negotiation


Conflict Resolution & Conflict Management


Interest-Based Bargaining


Conflict is part of the work place.  Knowing how to respond to differences, to navigate disputes and diffuse tension in order to negotiate effectively matters.  Henderson Woods, LLC offers skills development training and dispute resolution facilitation services designed to promote conflict resolution and the discovery of effective outcomes.  Workplace conflict happens. Henderson Woods works at the leadership, workforce and institutional union/management levels to help reframe conflict from a struggle for one-sided victories to mutual problem-solving. 


Henderson Woods, LLC offers:


  • Conflict Resolution& Conflict Management Skills Training

  • Interest-based Negotiation Training

  • Dispute Facilitation Services

  • Workplace Mediation (interpersonal disputes)

  • Leadership Development in Conflict Resolution 


Conflict Resolution/Conflict Management


Developing the capability to resolve conflict can mean the difference between a workplace that works smoothly to get the job done or one that is dysfunctional. Mismanaging conflict wastes time, sacrifices resources and damages working relationships. 


Conflict indicates something's now working or not understood.  Henderson Woods offers assistance through consultation, training and facilitation support.  We focus on developing strategy and skills to create learning, innovation and strengthened working relationships through constructive negotiation. Our approach is based on surfacing the concerns, needs and interests that drive conflict to reveal missing information, empower communication and promote solution-finding.


Henderson Woods, LLC works with organizational leadership to promote a workplace culture of conflict resolution as well as with parties in conflict who are in need of facilitation to resolve issues in a dispute.  We combine knowledge of conflict resolution with experience in workplace diversity and union-management relations. 



Interest-based Bargaining


Henderson Woods offers training and facilitation services for interest-based bargaining (IBB).  For those who are familiar with the process, we recommend a one-day refresher to review the process and sharpen skills.  For parties who are not familiar with the process, a two-day, off-site training is recommended.  Our training lays a foundation of skills and shared expectations that enables parties to proceed on their own.   In other cases, we have worked as a neutral facilitator to guide the bargaining process and keep the parties on track without giving direction on the substance of the issues. 


IBB, sometimes called mutual gains negotiation or win-win, enables union and management negotiators to frame issues from both perspectives, access information, build shared competency, and work together to craft solutions that both find acceptable.  Power is used to drive the other side to the negotiations table, but not to impose positions.  The process facilitates communication, information-sharing, problem-solving and innovation.  It does not require trust, but it does ask each side to recognize the legitimacy of the other side's concerns and to act reliably and with integrity, without tricks.  When used in a responsible and grounded manner, IBB helps parties with conflicting interests identify acceptable solutions and build relationship in the process.  IBB keeps the parties involved and in control of the negotiating progress.


We understand the workplace.  We understand the negotiations.  We understand union-management dynamics.