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Henderson Woods LLC provides services for the workplace to assist you in finding solutions and implementing change.  When working relationships matter, let us partner with you.  We understand diversity and inclusion.  We understand labor-management.  We bring extensive experience working at leadership and workforce levels. 


Why Choose Henderson Woods?


  • We like thinking out of the box.  Our approach is flexible, responsive, creative.  We've facilitated large groups and small, used interactive theatre, and conducted workforce respect and recognition training with English and Spanish simultaneous translation for bilingual workforce groups.


  • We partner with our clients.  We combine specialized subject matter expertise with internal client knowledge of the organization, its culture and operations. 


  • We adapt our services to fit unique organizational cultures and priorities.


  • We have the ability to draw from an extended network of professionals to support large projects and those that require multiple expertise.


  • We engage people and constituencies talking to one another across differences.




Training from Henderson Woods is a highly interactive, hands-on learning experience.  We engage participants through facilitated dialogue and practical small group work.  We combine applied exercises and case scenarios with expert presentation.  Content is woven with skill development, anchored against facilitated self-reflection and action planning.  Our approach is lively, substantive and practical. 


We understand the fundamentals of adult learning and bring years of experience working with practitioners at both leadership and workforce levels.  We partner with clients to ensure the content of our training is coordinated with on-going organizational initiatives. 




Facilitation is not about knowing the solution.  It's about knowing the right questions to ask and when to ask them.  The solution belongs to the group.  At Henderson Woods, we believe that everybody brings knowledge and insight to the table.  Our role is to guide an inclusive, participatory process for collaborative thinking, learning, conflict resolution, idea discovery, consensus-building, planning, and solution finding.  While we bring external expertise in group process and dynamics, insight into the question at hand and knowledge of the organization  - it's culture, history and operating environment - lies within the group with those who live it everyday. 


At Henderson Woods, we partner with clients to create a working design that's suited for each situation.  We work with task groups, diversity councils, labor-management committees and negotiating teams to help people work together effectively to accomplish their goals.




How people and groups treat one another in the workplace makes a difference.  At Henderson Woods, our focus is on improving the way people work together as individuals, as members of diverse groups or as representatives of specific constituency groups, like union and management.  Improving working relationships is more than a matter of skill-building.  Skills are important, but not the whole story.  Skills are only as effective as the organizational context allows.  We work with leadership to consider the workplace environment from an operational perspective that integrates skills within the context of broader organizational change.


We offer a facilitative style of consulting.  We partner with our clients to design a course of action that best fits their organization.  We bring questions and tools to guide leadership through the development of an integrated change strategy.  Henderson Woods maintains a broad network of professional experts who can be considered for collaboration on specific issues from human resources to work redesign to evaluation and measurement strategy.  Our role is to connect change strategy with organizational learning to reduce resistance, build recognition, equity, and trust, and promote effective working relationship for making change work.


Choose Henderson Woods


  • Collaborative partnering with clients


  • Highly interactive training


  • Practical, hands-on learning


  • Emphasis on dialogue and small group work


  • Participative engagement for self-discovery


  • Appeal to a variety of learning styles


  • Facilitative approach to consulting


"My first priority is to work with the client and ask them what they would like to accomplish. Training, by itself, is not always the answer. We pride ourselves on listening to and working with our clients to establish a program that works for them."
~ Pamela Henderson, PHR


"Training does not happen in a vacuum. In my experience, our training is one component of a broader organizational change initiative. Three questions I have found useful for the client at the outset - What is the organization doing to signal the content of this training is important? What else is in place to support the content of this training? And how will you know if the training has been effective? Thinking these through from the beginning goes a long way to ensuring that training is more than a good experience."
~ Susan Woods


"A good facilitator needs to be agile but grounded with a firm understanding of what the group is seeking to achieve.  It's rare when a process design moves forward exactly as planned on paper because in a participatory process, people bring unanticipated dynamics and brilliance. A skillful facilitator is responsive to the unexpected, all the while guiding the group forward toward it's goal."
~ Susan Woods