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Labor Management


For industry, services, healthcare, schools and public agencies, labor management relations are often a complex mixture of both clashing and shared concerns. Labor and management each are responsible to their own constituencies, yet both are dependent on the success of the operation. Each side possesses information and resources the other side needs in order to get their concerns met. Henderson Woods, LLC assists union and management to build the working relationships and negotiation skills to meet today's workplace challenges.


Labor Management Training & Facilitation


In today's complex environment, union management relations are a complex mixture of shared and conflicting concerns.  It's important to resolve issues in ways that don't create others.  Labor-management adds one more tool to the labor relations toolbox.  Effective labor-management processes enhance the collective bargaining relationship, but are not a substitute for it.  When faced with difficult issues and change, outcomes that work for both sides often offer the superior solution.  Henderson Woods, LLC assists unions and management to build the working relationships, processes and skills needed to negotiate today's challenges.  We offer customized training and facilitation services. We understand collective bargaining; we understand labor relations; we understand the workplace.


At Henderson Woods, we work from these assumptions:


  • Union and management address both shared and conflicting concerns simultaneously.


  • Both are dependent on the success of business/service operations for survival, but ultimately their responsibilities differ.


  • Each has information and influence the other side needs to get their concerns met.


  • Trust reflects confidence in the ability to work together to solve problems.


  • Labor-management relationships are fragile and need to be protected through communication, information-sharing and follow-through.


Labor-Management Services & Resources

We provide a full range of specialized services from relationship building off-sites to interest-based bargaining and neutral facilitation.  In order to maintain our neutrality, we work at the agreement of both parties.  We partner with leadership from both labor and management in the design of services and follow-up support.