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Most of the work we do is customized to meet the needs of our clients.  To get an idea of our approach, below are sample program descriptions, resources and publications.  




Resources & Sample Materials






Publications for Practitioners


Workplace Conflict and Relationships (Woods)
Stewards Update Newsletter
, Vol. 22, No. 5


Thinking about Diversity & Inclusion Series (Woods)

 Experts Forum, The Workplace Diversity Network



Union-Management Diversity Partnerships and the Shop Floor  (Henderson and Woods)

Link & Learn eNewsletter, Linkage Inc., Nov.2003


Value in Participation  (Rich and Woods)

Profiles in Diversity Journal, 4(3), May/June 2002


Creating Inclusive Organizations:  Aligning Systems with Diversity (Woods)
Profiles in Diversity Journal 4(1) Jan. 2002


Resources for Workplace Diversity: An Annotated Practitioner Guide to Information(Bormann, Woods, et. al.)

The Workplace Diversity Network, Sept. 2001


Women and the Labor Movement: An Interview with Linda Chavez-Thompson (Henderson and Woods)

The Diversity Factor, 7(3) Spring 1999


Unions, People and Diversity:  Building Solidarity Across a Diverse Membership (Woods)

The Diversity Factor, 7(1) Fall 1998


Websites of Interest


Workforce Diversity Network
A leading national network of professionals and organizations dedicated to professional development, understanding, promotion and management of diversity. 


Workplace Issues Today

A service of Cornell University ILR Catherwood Library, providing abstracts and links to workplace-related news stories covered in the major media, free of charge.